How to choose sportswear for training

How to choose sportswear for training

With its appearance and properties, sportswear is subordinated to the comfort and performance of users who want to feel attractive, relaxed, and safe while wearing it.

Modern sportswear has experienced revolutionary changes thanks to the newer apparel models that are specially designed to suit the needs of any modern, active person. The constant improvement of materials and their properties is aimed at improving the comfort and protection of the apparel users.

Today, we will be teaching you how to choose the perfect workout/fitness clothes for yourself. We will also be showing you some of the best clothing pieces from our collection that will surely inspire and motivate you to keep reaching your goals.


Is the type of sportswear which we wear important?

For a large number of men, it’s totally irrelevant what they will wear in the gym. However, women tend to choose more neatly designed sports apparel to spice up their gym looks.

In addition to that, the design of the sportswear isn’t the only thing that exercisers are looking for in their sportswear. Namely, comfort, material type, breathability, thermoregulation, and friction, are all things that should be taken into consideration while choosing sportswear. So, all in all, the type of sportswear you decide to wear in the gym can highly affect your training, but also your mood. Wearing comfy sportswear that makes you feel relaxed and confident is known to be a good mood booster and can lead to an improvement in the training aspect.

The functionality of the sportswear one chooses to wear at the gym should definitely be something worth thinking.


Choosing the best sportswear

There are some things that you should look out for and pay close attention to while purchasing sportswear clothing apparel. We will be giving you some of the points that will surely help you determine what type of sports garment is the best choice for you!

If you decide to follow our tips closely, you will surely be able to find the next sportswear which you will love to wear!


·Pay attention to the material

The material the sportswear is made of plays a huge role in determining the quality of that clothing piece. Not all sportswear is the same, and material is a very important feature.

Running and gym clothes should not be made out of 100% cotton. Although cotton is known for being a good sweat-absorbent, it does not conduct the sweat to the surface but retains it. To be more precise, cotton-made running apparel can become heavy and uncomfortable if worn during intense training.

You may wonder why are dry and loose-fit t-shirts one of the best sportswear items. The answer is quite simple! This type of sportswear is made out of a mixture of materials that contain polyester, which is giving elasticity to the garment and is known for removing sweat from the surface of the material. To be more precise, polyester is a wicking fabric that is able to remove moisture and sweat out of your clothes while you are training. On the other hand, cotton will absorb the sweat and make your sportswear heavier and wet. On top of that, spandex is also a good material that is able to give sports clothes the needed stretch capabilities.

Here at OutPerformer, we got the point of what the exercisers want and have created high-quality sportswear that will suit the needs of modern active people.

If you are looking for sweat-resistant t-shirts that won’t absorb sweat and eventually become heavy, we have got the perfect choice for you. One of our Men’s Loose Fit Graphic Tees is made out of 100% polyester, is extra lightweight, and will allow you to move freely while exercising. No need to worry about being uncomfortable while wearing it as it’s breathable and will allow you to stay dry throughout your whole training session.

· Thermoregulation is important

In addition to being comfortable in your sportswear, the training clothes must also allow your skin to breathe. This type of sportswear is usually made out of special performance fabrics, such as nylon, polyester, or even wool. Polyester treated with moisture wicking is known for absorbing the sweat well and for quickly conducting it to the outside of the fabric, where it evaporates much more easily without staying on the skin. This helps with maintaining the optimal body temperature.

During cold days, sportswear apparel is usually worn under regular clothes.

OutPerformer cares about both men and women fitness lovers, and that’s why we have specially designed collections for all genders.

We have come to the conclusion that thermoregulation is extremely important and that your sports apparel should be made out of breathable materials. So, let us present you one of the best examples of what good, breathable, high-quality sportswear should look like.

Our Women's High-Waist Body Shaper Leggings are specially made to not only shape your body and make you feel like a Greek goddess in the gym but also to keep your body cool during the workout. Made out of 88% polyester and 12% spandex, our high-waisted leggings will make sure your body gets to breathe, especially during intense training.

On the other hand, our Men’s Wide Shoulder Muscle Tee that is available in three colors, will be the most lightweight tee you have ever worn. Since it’s made out of polyester with moisture-wicking, you will surely remain dry and cool while working out. On top of that, you will have the ability to show off your muscles since this tee is completely sleeveless, but it does have a round neckline.

This tee can even be worn on a daily basis, as it looks like a regular men’s shirt. However, being made out of polyester and moisture-wicking materials, this is surely not an ordinary shirt, but a very special, functional one!


· The functionality of the design

Besides wanting your clothes to be lightweight, you surely want to have functional and good-looking fitness apparel too. Nicely designed sportswear will allow your body to move easily while not irritating your skin by causing friction.

Sportswear with pockets is specially designed to hold all of the necessary little things while you exercise. That includes your phone, wallets, keys, and etc. Even though pockets on sportswear weren’t popular up until recently, all of us can agree that this invention is kind of a lifesaver! Of course, when designing pockets on sportswear, some things should be taken into consideration. Most importantly, once filled, pockets shouldn’t interfere with your regular training routine.

We, too, like to follow the trends, and that’s why we also have a few sportswear models with functional pockets that will surely make your routine easier. 

If you are annoyed because you don’t know where to put your phone while working out, there’s no need to be stressed about that anymore. Even though men’s clothes almost always come featured with pockets, women’s sportswear usually doesn’t have any. That’s exactly why we have decided to design Women’s Biker Shorts with pockets! These shorts will be able to hold your phone, or your other miniature possessions which you would like to have with yourself at all times.

And, when the weather gets just a little bit colder, you will also have the ability to wear leggings with pockets and keep your valuables with you in the gym or while running. These are some of our most popular Women’s Classic Leggings with pockets, which will give your booty a little nudge, and your phone a place to stay. Since they are available in three colors, you will have the ability to choose the one of your preference.

As mentioned before, men’s sports apparel is almost always packed with pockets, so it’s only natural that we also designed classical shorts for men with pockets. You can check our full men’s sportswear collection on our official website.


Why is sportswear so popular today?

Physical activity has not only become more popular and praised in everyday life, but it has also become more formalized. Nowadays, most people would rather go for a run, a hike, or to the gym than just go for a walk. The exercise ritual and its ability to change our mood and our lives are valued more now than ever before. That explains why the performance of the fabric, which makes the clothes of the exerciser look lighter and more comfortable, has become so popular.

Even though a person wants to feel comfortable in the chosen clothes for training, they also want to feel both relaxed and attractive. After all, it’s not just about how fast we can do some activities, but also how good we look while doing it. And that’s why sportswear is becoming more and more popular every day.

We at OutPerformer are ready to design apparel according to your needs to give you the needed confidence and power boost to reach your fitness goals!

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