In this time where everybody is very anxious about their health condition, being physically fit and active is not just an option. Instead, it is a must especially with COVID-19 around. Increased physical activity can improve your physical health and physique. It also gives you an enormous sense of well-being. Yes, it can help you have a better and healthier state of mind!


Being physically active also calls for the right outfit to be worn. Imagine while jogging, your oversized shirt gets hooked to a lamp post. How about doing squats with a tightly fitting cotton shorts? Or your pants being caught up in the chain while cycling. These scenarios will not only do damage to your outfit but can also cause injuries to you.


Those are the exact reasons why we at OutPerformer are putting emphasis on the design and aesthetics of our products. We make our outfit with inspiration from those who will actually wear it. We observe their movements, how they perform their activities, the necessities they have while doing those. Attention to detail includes the shape of the neckline, design cut of the sleeves, print pattern, and a lot more. Using the latest technology in stitching and bonding, paired with top quality fabric, our products are designed to last long even in extreme activities. Our activewear will give you 100% functionality.


But it’s not all about having the right outfit for the right activity. OutPerformer wants you to engage in those activities with style. We want to see you stretch out those muscles, flex those cuts, or power your way down the road with your head up and full of confidence. We understand that for many, going to the gym, running, cycling, or being in the court is not just a hobby. It is a lifestyle. That’s why aside from being functional and ergonomic, our designs are both smart and trendy. Most of our products are available in different shades, all hand-picked so that you can easily mix and match. Stand out among the crowd while building up those muscles. Slay with your looks while toning your body. OutPerformer will always have the stunning activewear which fits your needs.


Working out doesn’t mean you to say goodbye to being trendy and fashionable. Our athleisure and activewear will surely keep your will and determination up while being in style.

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